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Over twenty years of successful 'stealth shipping ' Worldwide....

A Selection of comments from some of our customers



Order to CA Feb 2018

Gene, I picked up package today. Black dots led me to the pot at the end of the rainbow. Thank you for everything—care, attention, luscious lemon skunk and the bonus Mysty. Thank you! Zayne



Thank you very much for the seeds and the way you handled this issue. You have my loyalty as a customer. I will refer my friends and family to only you. I appreciate all you've done and will continue my business with you. Keep up the great work!! CA-USA


Gene, Order to USA December2017

You're the tits! Thank you so much for the sonogram! I am so impressed by the quantity...of detail. It is, at least double, how awesome I expected it to be. Thanks again, and I hope to report back great results.


Hey, so the package came through, it had orange fedex tape on it, and the Fedex lady told me that had opened it. Thank goodness for the stealth, I haven't been that worried in a long time..but definitely glad it worked out.. I'll let you guys know how the seeds turn out. 
Thanks, T Lam. CHINA


Nice job guys..u had us scratching our heads for a bit after opening the packet.I was a bit worried as the tracking only showed it was on its way to canada..never when it arrived..but it's all good all arrived perfectly.Thank You for the extras very kind of you.I belong to a big marj. forum but i'm sure i can't post your company unless your a sponsor..but i always could private message members :) and recommended they check u out and give you a try. Take care   best regards  Stephen..Canada...


Hello Gene, good evening. Just letting you know I got everything perfectly. Thanks so much, it's been a pleasure!  Silas CA..


Hi Lou ya I got the emails thanks for all the update. U guys are doing a great service! Thanks again! Just thought u might be interested in the info of Jack frost:) my mom has blood pressure problems and a long list of other issues the frost is lowering here pressure. as many other stains shot the pressure up:) quality of life!!!! Thank themakers of the frost it's special medicine. I'll send u a email when I get it. Thank u.. Ben NYC


Thank you Gene,
Not only are you helpful for a starter but the quality breed lines on seeds are excellent! Kudos to your team thank again.
Kev... USA

Good night lou,
the shippment has arrived and all seeds are complete. Got a little confused by the picture first but its pretty clever XD .Thank you for your kindness and good wishes,

Carlos............... Germany


Hey guys my beans arrived yesterday. cant believe it. Finally!!!!! A good seed bank!!!!!!!! been ripped off a few times and to not get stuffed around is such a relief. You guys have helped me out heaps. Seriously!!!!! Thanks for all your help Lou and Gene. You guys will be hearing from me again some time soon. So impressed.

Cheers guys,
Brett............. Australia


Thanks so much I received it today. great stealth!

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

I look forward to doing business in the near future.


Denis.......... Brazil


Hi Lou,
I received my package today,
Ive always been very happy with your quality of service im very impressed,
Also the extra package was very generous of you, considering my disaster with my mothers plants, i just hope i got some keepers
also the Blue frost is the is the grail plant that i hope like my old Jack Frosts, what were like notining else ever,
Hope to here from yoon.. Tim MA...

Very clever, I’m excited to get them thanks for the fantastic communication! Jeff..RI

I have received the package and everything seems to be in order. Thanks for a great service! I will probably contact you again in the future if all works out well with these babies.
Regads, Björn...Sweden

Hi Goldenseed team,

First of all I would like to thank you for your good customer service and quick shipping that I received a few months back. With ur seeds I was able to produce 4 Little Angel Automatic Feminized outdoor plant. I flowered it for 7-8 weeks and the entire grow took about 90-100 days total. As I was trimming one of the buds today I noticed that one of the nodes was brownish in color. I was wondering if all the buds are supposed to be that color or if its normal that just one or two nodes that I found are that color? Attached is a picture of a bud with an arrow pointing to the example. Like I had mentioned I flowered it for about 7-8 weeks and flushed it with final phase for a week before harvest. I had to bring it in yesterday because the winter will be here in a day. Please let me know if it looks ok. Also if you have any drying and curing tips because this is my first successful harvest. Thanks again for the great service you provided a few months ago and I hope to hear from you soon.


I received my package today and I have to say I am so impressed! I got my purchase in 8 days, everything was extremely stealthy, and the seeds look fantastic! Goldenseed has excellent customer service. Thank you for being so patient and generous with me. I can't wait for these seeds to get flowering, hoping for a few females! Thanks again! So impressed! - Claire, Ohio.

Good afternoon!
I just received your letter, what a fast delivery!
Thank you,
Antti... Helsinki

Hello Lou
This evening when i looked at my mailbox i saw a yellow/brownish envelope. After opening it i found 12 fully intact seeds.
Thanks for the fast shipment, extra seeds and super stealthy shipment. All in all great service!
kind regards

Received package last week and got down to boston to pick up this weekend. Everything was intact. Thanks so much. Very excited to get started! I'm an avid gardener and this a new venture for me. After I tackle this I will be in touch again. You guys are great! If I can leave a testimonial I'd be more than happy to. Let me know.
Have a Wonderful Autumn,

Hi Lou
Babies arrived today 14 sept...all good. MANY thanks. thanks also for the gift of Northern Lights

Hey Lou,
I've received the order today and I must acknowledge that both your service and your product are brilliant
Thanks a lot, I'll surely pass on your website's name to anyone looking for an excellent seed vendor.
Much love,

Hey Lou,
I've received the order today and I must acknowledge that both your service and your product are brilliant
Thanks a lot, I'll surely pass on your website's name to anyone looking for an excellent seed vendor.
Much love,
Aubry...NC USA

Hi Lou, I have received the seeds. Thank you very much for the extra ones too. Take care,
Josep, UK.

Hi just letting you know ive recieved the second order safe and sound and all planted have germinated, so thanks so much for the ease and friendliness of dealing with this company, I will certainly recommend you guys if asked :)......... Ally, OZ.

Got my hat and I love it, many thanks,
Skip....... Arran, UK.

Good evening Gene,

I received the package you sent in perfect condition. Thanks so much!

Chantal........... (Canada)

rodger that gene!!! i copy read ur mail and clearly understand. Thank you for the BM's u guys rock! That was very nice of you guys!!!!! speak soon Henry CA...

Hi I received the first package today, well done on  the packaging and service :) very happy and will let u know what happens in the next stage. Ally OZ.....

Just wanted to let you know that they made it no problems thanks you guys Speak soon Jerry NYC...

I'm sure you get this a lot but after what I've been through, you are a champion. They lost my parcel, you kept in touch, ( as annoying and nervous as I was) and you got it sorted in no time. Like I said Gene or Lou, my first ever internet trans and the best customer service you could ask for. Don't get service like this in OZ. You guys fucking rock 5*****
Chris OZ...


 hello gene, thank you very much you are definitely a guru at what you do. I will let you know as soon as I receive  great thanks  fozzie.


Hello, recieved your package today, July 16. Can these be X-bred with a male of another strain? Thanks for your promptness & honesty. We'll be in touch again. Aloha, Gil

Wow, once again you guys provided me with great service. I received me seeds today after only 8 days. Thank you very much for the extras, that was very generous just like last time. I could not be happier (once again), and if you'd like ill let you know how your cinnamon ones turns out ;). Thanks again! Allen CA...

Seeds arrived to new home. I promise to take good care of them. If you miss them, i can send you pictures how they grow up. Thanks for good and quick service, and extras.
Have a nice summer :) JS....RI

Have recieved order, thank you very much

Sabina.... Thailand

Hi Lou -
Picked up the package this morning! Arrived safely -- great packaging!!
Thanks so much -- order exceeded expectations!! :)
Best Regards,
Gary Robertson.... CA

Hi Lou,
I received the seeds yesterday, put them in soaked napkins (Flash Cobra's), All of them have allready germinated. Very good seed, thanks! I'll definitely recommend you to my friends!. And btw thanks for the freebies :)
Cheers, Daniel.... Holland

Hello Gene,

A note of thanks and great satisfaction with your Collection from Goldenseed. The Blue Frost is a beautiful seedling, as are all the JFs, CWs, Blueberry, et. all.
I am sexing them now, and will be true-breeding them as they progress. We here all look forward to experiencing all of them and making real hash for the ignorant "patients" out there in our community.
I shall hope that you are/will be able to secure the previous list I sent you last month. I look forward to further dealings with you as things progress here. I am currently working with about 50+ strains, many of cult/connoseur interest. But few with the vigor and beauty of the Frost Line, as well as all your genetics we are now running. You may also be pleased to know that all five of the Viet Lao seeds have produced perfect plants, which I am already sexing. I will be true-breeding these out, and will certainly be sending you many more than five examples in return, finished to perfect maturity and to highest standard.
If you guys have anything you wish me to propagate for you, it would be my pleasure to work with you on any interesting projects.
Thanks again for such beautiful work and genetics to wow the customers with, not to mention making great hash once again, the old-fashioned way!
Let me know Gene, when you have the seeds, such as real Garlic Bud, as well as the Malana, etc. ready, with a price, for shipment. I will have all my new Colorado paperwork and new shipping address within a few weeks.

Warm Wishes,
Fred Colorado USA................'praise indeed'

Your beautiful beans made it and I cannot express how grateful that I am. May the road rise with you. JP, CA....

Hey Gene,
Got the package today in the post, just to confirm, it was nyc, blue monster, sweet tooth, lemon sk from left to right correct? Thanks so much for the extra flavor. Is the lemon sk feminized or not? Need to know before I germ it. Very excited to try all of the new flavors. Will keep you updated on the girl's progress.
Very great full,
Stacy, central Or. USA

Good morning Lou! Thanks very much for the fast handling ad free seeds!! :-) I will most definitely be doing business with your company again!

My name is ******* ***** . I purchased some blue monster seeds from you around jan. 2011. I want to tell you that it is an excellent strain and I am so happy I would like to order more from you. Please allow me to place another order of 15 female blue monster seeds. let me know how much they cost now? thank you. MC @ MT

Hi Gene,
The ****** ****** ****** of the child is completely charming. You are a bright, clever chap. I am most pleased, and look forward to seeing many more images of the kids as they grow-up. As one may say in the States; Everything is A.O.K. I shall await hearing from you on so many interesting, special, and unique babies as the years pass!
Again, many thanks!
Warm Regards,

Gene, Gene Genius...received my order. Jenny CA

My purchase arrived this tuesday in good shape!
All babies looked fine :)
Very fast delivery thank you!
Best wishes

I got my package a couple days ago and wow, that was some pretty stealth stuff. I am very pleased with you guys and will be doing all of my future seed purchases through you. And thank you very much for the generous amount of free seeds!.. JF in FL

Good day Gene
Wonderful, looking forward to recieve it!
Thank you for the extra Northern Lights, suitable name :)
Again, thank you for a good customer service, the good reputation your business has is true!
Yes, i will send you an email when the delivery is completed.
Best wishes,

Good morning Lou!!
Received your message. Thanks for your diligence and thank you SO much for your generosity!!
Looking forward to our next visit
Dave TN..

The seeds came today Gene! I can't thank you enough for all the goldenmoons, Im going to enjoy these! Amazing service, shipping was fast and I loved the stealth it was perfect! All I can say is a job well done and I'm very satisfied, you'll hear from me soon. :)-~
Thanks again,

Gene got the package today. Very nicely put together. If the quality of the seeds is anything near the rest of what you have done so far they are going to be out of this world!! What should I expect the success rate of each strand to be so for example the dr autos 8 out of 10 6 out of 10? ww 8 for 10? please remember I'm a level 0 grower lol!! Why the paper towel method instead of just popping them straight into the easy rooters? would you try and germ all 10 at once or would you do like 5 and 5? the mystery "big bud" or blue berry monster or whatever lol what exactly are they? and finally the extras you threw in. I'm guessing they are regular seeds is there anything I can do to try and raise the chance they are fems?
Thank you so much for everything!!! If everything works out I would expect that I will be ordering lots more seeds. Is it safe to keep using pay-pal if the orders get to the $2000-3000 range? I don't know how many times I can say thank you and that what you have provided so far is a 12 out of ten!!! Hope things are good for you and lol the babies look great!! Chris VA.......

Now that's some excellent service. I cant wait to get them and I will be ordering through goldenseed from now on for all my future orders.
Vinnie MT..

Thank you Gene so very much for your professionalism and personal kindnesses. I cannot wait to receive my collection of new souvenours! I assure you, we will fully utilize these wonderful additions to our work. I do indeed hope you will be able to visit our group in the States, and see what we are achieving.
On another note, and because I already like you so much, I would like to inquire to see if you and your group would be inrerested in attempting to secure certain other specific seeds for us. The items of interest include the following; The entire Real Seed "portfolio, in particular, Sherberghan, and the Golden Triangle Akka, approx 9 total in this group. Secondly, several of the Reeferman originals, if at all still or to be available, including, but not limited to the following; Big Bertha, Cambodian Regular, [Phomon Phen], G13, Willie Nelson, [original true stock], REAL White Widow, you choose the best source, Next Generation, Romulan, Grapegod, and finally, Holy Smoke Mozambique. I think you get the idea, I am looking to secure, as and if available, all the prime strains from the best, most reliable sources. I know that collecting several of these strains will be difficult, and will take time. I am in no hurry. I'm simply focused on what I consider to be some of the essentials as we build our bank. I would also most appreciate your considered opinions regarding collecting these, and more, as we move along. For example, is Big Bertha the best of the "big bud" types, or do you consider another strain of Big Bud to be superior for whatever reason?
I shall await your reply at your convenience.
Thanks again for all you have done thus far!
Warm Regards,

Received the package today, and all is well! Thank you for your prompt and courteous service!

Good afternoon Gene. I just wanted to inform you that I recieved the ************ and the babies look great. Thanks again! Brad NY...

Good morning Gene and thanks for the quick reply. I am interested in feminised seeds sent stealth please and can order with a credit card if it will be faster. I have a medical card from california but recently moved to texas and its been difficult for me to get medical needs. Thanks again for all your help. I have read your testimonials and have been referred by my doctor to your website. Bless you and yours for what you are doing to help us all in time and need. Jenny TX...

Good morning Gene,
Thank you so much for the fast shipping. Everything arrived just fine. I am very excited to add these beauties to my garden. Your customer service is unparralled.
Best regards,

I love the stealth, well done! I'll let you know when they arrive and I'll definitely be using your site in your the future, great service! And thank you for the freebies!

Hi Gene,
Thank you so much. I have also found your main site, it is great. I am extremely grateful for your information and kindness concerning landraces.I will definetely send you the payment on this first order.
It is thoughtful on your part to include the Nepalese Highland strain, it is wonderful to discover REAL kindred spirits out there! It will be grown with a positive spirit and attitude.
I shall be back to you very soon.
Again, GREAT site, I am so glad that I keep looking for the SPECIAL places in our Cannabis World. Your's is one of the best, and I've been around this for 40 years.
Good, honest work.

Best Regards,
Fred... FL...

Good evening Chris received payment many thanks,
your seeds were posted this afternoon via Airsure your tracking number is LY***********GB
Your seeds are inside the ****************************** dot, ' see attached image a rough guide'

Under the ********* are your BUBBLEGUMMER feminised seeds, reading left to right

BUBBLEGUMMER 5 seeds....................NEVILLES HAZE HYBRIDS 5 seeds.....GOLDENMOOON 20 regs free of charge
postage between the UK/US usually takes between 5/14 working days.
Would you acknowledge receipt of this email and also your seeds
speak soon

Dear Gene
You guys are on it! I'm incredibly impressed with your service. I'll spread the word .


Good morning Gene to you and thank you! You are too kind. I'll let you know when I get them and give you an update about the ones I'm currently working with. It's all thumbs up.
As always...Thanks again,
John TX

Hi! Got the seeds this morning, thanks a lot again! I'll recommend you to my friends :)
Antti... Norway...

Hi Gene, 1st I want you to know Blk Diesel, Super Iced Grapefruit, & Big Bang 2 were all excellent, Big Bang 2 gave me 4 plants with different characteristics each. I settled for a very heavy, highly resinated fruity flavored version as a keeper. Blk. Diesel more stable, great reviews, heavy yield. Crit. Haze 2 months away, Blue Monster @ 4 weeks away, heavy yield, fragrant. Average dry wt./plnt. is approx. 2 oz/30" plant. Blk. Die. & Blu Mon both compact, heavy yielders. Jon CA...

Alrighty we already have a sprout! So no way there was xray damage, I didn't even try one of the good looking seeds I tried the smaller ones. I appreciate the goods and I will definitely hit you up again if I ever get tired of all these strains Haha. Thanks a bunch, Darrly NC.....

Email recieved. Cheers mate. Great service. Will mail again after delivery...
Gary... FL

Thanks Gene for all the help and patience. I don't know how but **********
ended up pulling the payment out twice, so I will find out what happen from them.
I have been so pleased with your customer service, I am definitely a repeat customer. JD... NC ;-)

Hey gene. Got the second lot of seeds yday. All great looking seeds again! Got them all in the medium already.
Cheers and talk soon joe OZ.....

Thanks Gene for your quick responses to my questions and orders, makes it very convenient and easy to deal with which i appreciate.
Tony OR...

Just got them in yesterday. Excellent 'STEALTH 'shipping Gene! I thank you for
your business.

Just to say that the babies look absolutely gourgeous...!
And and you said "extra jack frost".. damn! Those are for sure a great
extra! You sent a lot more than the expected 16! Thank you so much!
And those 12 Frost Wreck seeds look soooo promissing,,,,
Love Love Love.
Thanks for all the kindness, the amazing discreet packaging (i almost
got confused!), and the super quick shippping!
Joao ***** Portugal

Thank you so much for being consistently amazing through the confusion. I await excitedly for their arrival! Thank you so much for the extras, I am especially hopeful that I get a good jack frost! Again thank you and I shall contact you when I receive them,
Much obliged,

Hello Gene, I have not Received yet, I just wanted to compliment once more on your kind service, excellent response time, and advice. You have my undying loyalty, I will never order from anyone else. I have tried others in the past, and your service is second to none. I will let you know as soon as I receive.
Hello Gene, My apologies, I did receive today, just had to check the other address. Thanks again for your awesome service. I am your customer for life!
P.S. Many thanks for the freebies.

Hi Gene,
would just like to say thank you for the fast postage of seeds got them first thing friday morning :)
and thank you for the extras as well.hope to do business in the future thanks again.Rob...MA.


Hello Gene,
I'm glad to hear that I didn't screw up again. I'll let you know when they arrive. Iced Grapefruit & Big Bang 2 are fast.  Black Die. is very stocky. A couple B. B.s & I. G. have been moved to 12/12 last week. Plenty of clones. I'll be in touch.


Hi Gene,
Your the best breeder and seller on the net I ever saw. Great communication, fast shiping and good stock ! For the second time when i'll receive my seeds I will be like a kid!!! I was wondering, were are you guy ? you now i'm from qc but were are you from ?:P
Happy to hear your last email. Send you the next one when i'll receive my seeds. Thanks !
Olivier ''nice one'' Canada..

I received my package in the mail today Gene. Very impressed with shipping time, nothing but great reviews as always Gene. Thanks much!
Adam ....MN..

I have received your last email, and look forward to there arrival. Thank you as always for your great customer service! and of course as always I will send you a confirmation when I have them in hand. Sorry for the confusion about the shipping this time around, but Im glad everything worked out well. Speak to you soon.
best regards,
Jeff.. CA...Update...all set gene arrived yesterday! itching to get started! thanks again for the great support!

Hi Gene.
Seeds are in my hand. Thanks a lot. For a second time great deal great seller !!! I'll let you know that time what happened with them ahah ;)
Have a nice day James...
Gene ''nice one''

Hey Gene
Received everything last week.
Thanks for your help and talk to you soon.

Well Sir,
5 out 5 germinations. 4 of the freebies and 1 trainwreck fem.
How we're just prayin for a few girls. This is a good sign....thanks Gene.
Mauri NYC

Gene they arrived on Monday. Thank you very much. I will give feedback of the results.
We would appreciate any growing tips for these strains other than what is on the web-site.
Many thanks
Dixon CA

Hey Gene, Adam............ here, you may not remember me, I purchased some Blue Frsot seeds from you a while back. One of those monsters ended up giving me over 7 oz from one plant. I think it was some sort of freak! I couldnt have been happier. It is that time again and this time I am very interested in your Blue Monster. 15 Feminised seeds for 120 GBP i believe. With the stealth shipping and taxes and everything what would my total cost be? I will be paying in US dollars if that still works? Any info or little hints you have for growing this blue monster would be helpful too! Thanks Gene, your the best!

Thank you for your services and support. Greatly appreciative for everything.
Andrew MO..

Just to fucking stealthy...;-)

Dear Gene,
I have found the seeds after taking another long look.
I must first apologize to you Gene. I'm sorry I accused you of not sending my package sir. It's especially unfair to you Gene that I didn't handle the situation correctly.
Instead of asking for help I jumped to my own premature conclusions. I'm sorry for my error and threatening email I sent hastily in a furry. I'm sorry Gene truly I am.
I must say for my feeble mind these are packaged too well. I never posted anything negative on my forum as I waited for your reply.
Undoubtedly I was wrong sir and will always tell people you are legit and you probably already know but you win for stealth no other company has a clue.
I'm sorry your stealth was so good and I'm such a fool. My apologies Gene I will be sending a gift to the return address listed on your envelope.
It's the least I can do sir to try and remedy this situation from this end. Again Gene my utmost apologies. I hope you will accept my apology sir and if not I can understand why.
I have one question as my package had been torn to pieces as a result of my poor looking and inability to find whats in front of my face.
Which seeds are the frost? the larger seeds or the smaller ones?
Apologies - would it be out of line for me to make another purchase? As I would not like to ruin any business you have with myself.
Either way I will be notifying everyone on my forum that you are legit but to be sure to thoroughly check their package as your stealth is truly stealth. Great Job Gene!

Hi i recieved the seeds today and very impressed with your service so far, thank you very much.
regards jon NY

hello gene.i received shipment are a legend.will look forward to ordering more sometime thanks alex. OZ

Seeds received, almost not found, they were that well conceled
ManyThanks Harry PA

Happy to say I received.
It's been a pleasure,
Look forward to interacting again soon,

Hey Gene!
Got my little guys today and I'm super pumped to start my cycles!
Thanks a ton and I will be in contact with you soon to tell you how they come out =D

Hi Gene how are you Thanks heaps got the seeds today...:) :) But guess what?
Custums opened it But didnt find nothing You are the "BEST" Gene Thanks Heaps for the Extras...

and by the way i never got to properly thank you the Frostwrecks i ordered some 7 months ago, they were fking amazing, great high with a nice 50-60g yeld per plant in only 90 days and in addition almost 70% were female, so im really looking forward to growing these new Blue Frosts.


Hi Gene
i received them last week, already on the grow 100% germ
thanks a lot
Olivier/old friend France

It made it again Gene thanks for everything I will be a return customer for life
Eddie CA...

Hi Gene,just wanted to tell you the package arrived yesterday and its all good.
Thanks for answering all my questions right away. You are a great seller, will buy from you again!
Miguel CA.

hi gene,

sorry i didnt get back to you, we received the goods, very happy. its
middle of winter here, and even though we are in the tropics its been a
very cold one - probably not what you are used to :) but nights have been
down to 10degs c. normally we only see down to about 14/15degs. i potted a
bigbud and a goldenmoon indoors in my little office under a fluoro, the BB
didnt make it I think the environment is too dry and not enough fresh air.
but i thought id just pass on a couple pics of your GM strain. Cant say
ive ever seen a seedling quite like it. some buddies think its plastic :)
Brett OZ...

Hey Gene
They arrived today! Very good! Thanks heaps for the extras much appreciated. Very happy customer here. Will send you some pics of the finished product. Thanks again.
The stealth is excellent. Nice one.
Will be in touch.
Nathan. NZ

Hello Gene,

Now that's stealth!
Many thanks for the excellent service & the freebies.
Will be in touch when I need more.
Kind regards,  Bob K. France

Package received Gene,
Excellent work as usual...
Speak again soon my friend...

Hi, Gene
How are you?
Me, it's ok!
I've well received your ********.What a wonderful idea.
Now i,m just waiting for my new babies!
Thank's a lot, and see you for the second trimester.
Have a nice week-end
Oliver from France

those awfully nice people at Goldenseed ' ;-))
Its StaineZe, just wanted to let u know that out of 30 wed sites, ur site is the only one that send me any free seed's, 20 have sprouted , still waiting for the orhers to sprout,
Thank you all so much for the seed you sent me.
If u can please send me lots more,
I have lots of woodland plase to fill, so any and all help will be wonderful ,
Send any to the same address as before, thanks again,
Ur's hopefully
StaineZe UK

Ok Gene everything went fine thank's a million.I will be a return customer that's for

Excellent Gene...
True on The Product Testing. I fall into that Hole Often Myself...:) lol
I have paid the pay-pal invoice you sent.
Feminised Train Wreck AND Auto Little Angel....
Please give best quantity and quality you have available:)) I have sent $213.37 USD
Thank you Gene, We appreciate your work way over here....
John MO.....

Package received thanks so much. Cunning packaging too to avert suspicion
Will be in touch for the next order once these puppies are full grown... G - RSA hi Gene, i would like 30 of your best super skunk female seeds . I
would have liked to grab some monster too but it will have to wait a
few weeks . I would like the stelth shipping as well. I will overnight
a money order to your address with the shipping address enclosed like
the last time . Send me a final total and i will get thing rolling on
my end when i hear back from you and ship the money order the same
day. I greatly appreciate your prompt , discrete service as well as
respect your experience and knowledge . I appreciate the oppertunity
to network with you in this field where knowledge and discression go
hand in hand . It is nice to be able to count on goldenseed to get a
top notch product on time every time! thanks and keep doing what
your doing and i look foward to continued cultivation of a
prosperious relationship! Cheers , Rich... CA

Where do i make comments or reviews on your service
Can't thank you enough, speak soon. Travis. Canada

i donno if ud want a picture of northern lights seeds from your colection and u have probably seen more spectacular plants i bet ,but i felt like shareing ,your genetics are golden.:P ...OZ Northern Lights from Goldenseed

Dear goldenseeds

great thanks for the free seed that arrived today,
did u know how many u sent me?
do u know what type of seeds there r ?
i guess they r northain lights or blueberry,
please can u e-mail me and let me know,
i'll have lots of fun sorting all these out :D :P
have a great day and a great tim eon the hole ;) lol
ur's  thankfully and greatfully 

Received! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You are a good guy, helping out the world! I'll let you know how the babies turn out :D....FL

Hi Gene
Arrived yesterday fast and safe. Cheers mate :)
Alex : MA

Yes! Hello, Gene, got the e-mail and appreciate the info. Will give you a reply upon arrival. Thanks for everything, Gene. If this is a smooth process, I'll be back for more.
All the best-Ryan...MV

Hi Gene!
Its arrives perfectly fine....but this time, i dont know why they pass a x-ray on the package, but once again you made it.  o/
This stealth package is really stealthy  ;)
last 15 days on april i ll tell you about the blue monster and the others...i guess i ll love it, as always...
Once again, thank make a brazilian dude very happy...
c u  ;).....Good morning Fernando
many thanks for the update, keep me posted on the Blue Monsters
some good quality pictures would be nice :-))
speak soon

mail received gene! Many thanks.....Perfect timing too..... just another reason to have a few more beers today! Happy St. Patrick's day....Jeff.MT

Gene, em. Thankyou for your service.Cindy CA

Got my package today and the pics of the new babies look great! Just let me know what is what in package. Their is 3 rows of babies. Their should be the strawberry deisel female and pineapple funk female and what ever the free ones are. Thank you very much for the free seeds and for such a fast time getting them to me. I will be sure to order from you again. So please send me an email letting me know what is what in the cardboard. All i did was open cardboard, so they are still in the same roes you put them in. Again thank you very much......Shawn..CA

Good morning Shawn
sent the email below on the 24th March must have gone into your spam mail

Good evening Shawn your seeds were posted this afternoon via Airsure your tracking number is LY**********GB
your seeds are ******* ***** ********* *********, 'see attached image ' a rough guide...
under the ****** are your Pineapple funk seeds, reading left to right


Would you acknowledge receipt of this email and also your seeds
speak soon
let me know if you receive this one, all the best Gene 03/03/2011


Hi Gene! Excellent product i just finish my first harvest and this was awesome. I just check on your web site for my next growing project and i wanna know how much would you demand for about 25-35 seeds of Afghani #1 or like Kal-X feminized ? I Want a lot of big bud for making hash and sell. If you have better idea Let me know i'm interested thanks...Oliver Canada

Hi Gene received your shipment yesterday thank you so much  Patti ca..

Hey Gene,I recieved your package,clever stealth.Thanks again for all the extras and the great customer service.It's been a pleasure.Steve. WA....

Thank you Gene, once again I appreciate the prompt reply and the freebie. I have used your site for years and I am impressed everytime. I will be sure to email you upon receipt.
Thanks again,

Thank you for the photo of your son Much love lol ill get at you soon.
Thanks. Dale OH.

high gene started the babies 2 bm both popped in 24 hour 6 jf x nyc 5 out of 6 popped i will keep u posted with pics as it comes along thanks again p.s train wreck feminsed in a pack of 10 Geoff CA...

Hello Gene we received your seed shipment today and we would like to say thanks for help and cooperation. we are ready to get started. Ron MT....

Hey Gene,I recieved your e-mail and understand your directions.Thankyou for the extra seeds and great customer service I'll let you know when they arive.Steve.NY

Gene, got package today.............perfect as always. James....GA

Good morning Gene, I received the seeds and everything looks fantastic! Once again I appreciate the outstanding service and phenominal products.  Thank you!

recieved envelope today, what a suprise on this beautiful valentine's day. Twins are looking healthy, tell Susan how happy I am for the both of you.Much Luv ! Jo No MT......

Hello. Just recieved the package everything was there even though the customs had checked it. Maybe you could start sending the seeds in a package disguised as like apple or tomato seeds or something :)

Hiyah Gene,
Arrived in the post today. Everything appears fine and I was right - it was *********** - lol.
Looking forward to the "listed mix of 'extra seed strains'". No hurry. We have plenty to play with to start getting ready for summer.
Thanks again!!
Chris.. VA

Can you kindly help me out please if it's not too much trouble for you ?
Thank you very much for all Keep in touch.
George... Republic of Macedonia

hi gene. they arrived today. the packaging was absolutley brilliant! thank you for all the additional seeds as well. i look forward to trying these.
can you tell me how long the seeds will last before germination and the best way to store them till i use them all up.
any other suggestions? will be using bubble ponics in a med sized cabinet.
thank you steve. MI

Have received & all is well. Thank you so much & I will be in touch in the future!

Hello Gene,
We received the babies today. Thanks for being so gracious in sending extra!!! We'll keep you updated as we go along. 

HeHave received & all is well. Thank you so much & I will be in touch in the future!
JP ..CAHave received & all is well. Thank you so much & I will be in touch in the future! JP ..CAllo Gene,
Thank you very very much for all. So cool and very smart ;-)
I let you know news!
Best. Greg Republic of Macedonia

wow! thanks for the extra seeds. i´l definetely try out the jack frost.
good service, fast shipping. can´t wait to meet my new children :) Tony...MT

Gene, my clever friend- your babies are beautiful, thanks for the picture, we are so excited to see them arrive this spring! thank you, Chloe CA......

I finally received the parcel. Excellent packaging,.
Marty .MI

Received the package today (1/19/2011). Many thanks for the excellent service.
Burt P. MT

whew!  got them today, nice note lol.  thank you so much!  You're making the world a better place.  Peace.

Hi Gene,

This is my email to tell you I received the goods. As always fantastic shipping. You never cease to amaze, Thank you for the bonus blueberry seeds!
Steve. MI

Hello Gene,
I must compliment you on your last shipment to me.
The AK 47s  are genetic freaks of nature. The Blue monsters are still in process at this time, but looking very promising...
Your collections seem to be second to none.
I would like to secure another order from you. In the amount of $100.00 usd..
I am going to leave it to you to select the stock you send me of your feminised and auto flowering choices.
-I trust your selection ,And quantity of stock delivered-.I am going to be a repeat customer for life.
Thank you,
John CA -USA


First I'd like to say if the ************ is real " Congrats" to you. The one on the left is sucking it's thumb and the one on the right is looking dead at ya.
Back to the reason for this note. Great shipping, 12 days to backwater Happy Camp, Ca.. I like the stealth mode. If the seeds turn out as expected this might turn out to be a long lasting business venture.
Hey thanks, for the lemon skunk.
Bill . CA...

Hey Gene,
Sorry to respond so late after the package arrived, but I was out of the country and just returned.   I was delighted to find your package waiting for me when I got back and I can't thank you enough!  This was a Christmas gift for my father and he is absolutely ecstatic (I couldn't resist letting him open it early).  I hope you have a wonderful holidays and a happy new year!Nick CA

Hi Gene, wow, that was fast! you just made our weekend so much happier. okay, we'll keep track of it and let you know once it arrives. may i ask which name you used as the recipient? just so that we know who should go pick up the package.
About your question regarding laws in china. to be honest with you, i probably wouldn't be growing if i knew the specific penalties involved. but be assured that we are very discreet. all my correspondence to you comes from an IP abroad. additionally, the shipping address that we're using is different from that of our residence and grow area. despite these precautions, there is always a risk involved of course. but when you believe in something, i guess nothing will stop you from doing it. herbs have been used in traditional chinese medicine for thousands of years, including cannabis native to different regions in china. both my gf and i firmly believe that laws concerning cannabis are hypocritical and infringe on our basic rights. so we go on doing what we do regardless. but we don't do so wrecklessly. out of concern for family and friends, if anything else.
anyway, we're very delighted to know that our package is on the way and hope to start our new grow before the year's end. and thank you so much for including the jack and cheese freebies. that's quite generous of you and really has completed our wishlist. guess santa is a little early this year.
best wishes,

HI Gene,
Thanks got the package
Great work as always
Merry christmas

I have received the seeds now so thank you very much for serious and wonderful customer service. top quality Continue like that =) KC -FR

oh what fun thanks so much for sending out the seeds as fast. address is correct.
and I just have to say that there has been very nice to do business with you, very nice and serious Continue in this way.
just a question are the seeds on the picture you have sent to me? because I ordered seven female of each, H Sweden......

Hello! Green :-))
Just received these this morning. I'm super happy, thanks a bunch!!!

Hi Gene,
received OK, nice babies :)
Once more, thanks for all!
Zuzka CZ

I received the *********** today.  Everything was good. I am looking forward to seeing those babies grow. many thanks for your excellent customer service and stealth shipping, V - FL

Thanks again Gene..I will enjoy the extras for sure, and I'll let you know when they arrive..
You lads are awesome!! tERRY ----NY

hi, Gene...
got the seeds. beautiful, thanks. hope to do business with you again. i'm looking for kryptonite and green crack also. let me know.
thanks again!
stacy. CA

I recieved the ********* in the mail today and the babies look amazing! Thank you soo much, you are the best. I can not thank you enough!!!!! ---FL

Good afternoon Adam
thank you for the update
all the best
Gene :-)

HI Gene
Brilliant packing, I like the note. I received the package on
Friday. I will do business with you again.
Thank you
Nick :) MI

Hello again , i ordered some WW from you awhile back. worked amazing. Thanks again.
I was wondering if i could order some . Cataract Kush Female seeds.
And could you invoice me on paypal with two invoices with the price divided into two?
and any chance you would sell me a few single seeds?1 burmuse kush female,1 Grapefruit kush female,
fgani kush female,and 1 violator kush female. Thank you so Much get back to me Taylor.

Thank you Gene,
Another success. I have received the package and all is well.
Excellent job on your end as usual...John..AZ

Good morning Gene,
thanks a lot for everything, also for the present :) I will let you know as soon as I receive the package.
Zuzka --CZ

Good afternoon Adam
your seeds were posted this morning your tracking number is LY**********GB
Your seeds are********************************************************* ***  'see attched image'
******************************** Lowryder seeds,  to the left we sent you some Lemon-Skunks to try,
would you acknowledge receipt of this email and also your seeds
speak soon
Gene---Reply---I have received your email and cant wait for my seeds to come! You are awesome Gene! If only all business could have customer service like this!! Much appreciated! Thanks for answering all my questions, responding to all my emails, and for the sample lemon skunks!! You have my future business and nothing but good words will be spread to minnesota about your businees.


Thank you for the generous portion of seeds ! I look forward to receiving your package,
You’ve proven to me the world is watching California and Proposition 19
speak soon Michael CA.....

HI Gene
Thank you for your care and attention to detail look forward to
receiving this.
Nick :) AZ

Hi Gene,
package arrived at monday and i took it from post in thuesday.
They were easy to find, as usual. I will try germination method you described below and keep you updated.
I have some connection problems thats why i didnt answer your mail early. Sorry for that.
I have to thank you again for solving this so quickly. For sure i will speak of you highly.
Cause this is thing that everyone should know.
Yours truly

Thank you Gene...
Your Extras to the order are always a smile maker....
Will contact you again upon delivery.

Great to "hear" of the twins! Such joy is almost overwhelming.   On another note,out of curiosity,where{what company} did the "M.I.S." come from? Thanks! A.C.B.  Good luck ya'll!

Gene, I wanted to say thank you again for the replacement seeds. Every one of them germinated. I was very pleased and shall keep you informed. Robert CA..

cheers guys, received seeds this morning all as stated in previous emails excellent
customer service and packaging will be back in touch...Jim VA

Gene, received your post yesterday, congratulations! ********** no less. All is well. Thanks and Regards. Harry..FL

Good evening Gene
Thanks alot for acting so fast with my order, im looking forward to receiving my "piece of cardboard".
I hope it gets here safely, and thanks for the extras ill put them to good use, after all AK-47 is a classic.
Peace out!
Atte... Finland

I received the seeds. Thanks a lot great service keep my number we should do business... ! Al MI

Hey Gene,thanks for your attentiveness;received your update and my friend is looking forward to his "updated" order.I also look forward to future interaction of a positive nature, with you and yours. Thanks... from the "wilds" of Manitoba, B.S.S

Hi Gene
got them today and many thanks for extra's, your company is the best online supplier hands down!
Hab..Manchester uk

Hi Gene
Seeds arrived today, thanks heaps.

damn I was'nt sure of this but you guys do it like pros ! great yeah I saw the ********** and as soon i will receipt the seeds I'll let you know ! A big thanks ! Oliver Canada....:-))

Gene, Recived the letter from you today,
Thank you! I look foward to starting this strain. I shall keep my eye on your site.Thanks again,
Robert.. MI


Seeds received - superfast, in less than a week!
A select few are already in the process of germination
Thank you again, Gene

Hello Gene,
many thanks, everything arrived, again cheers for the excellent customer service and the free seeds
David, Taiwan

Good morning Joe
Your seeds were shipped yesterday by Airsure your tracking number is
as per usual your seeds are "******************************************************
***********************" are your White Widow seeds, reading left to right
White Widows---Sharks----Rhinos-------on the far right are a selection of mixed regulars they include
Jack-Frost---Red Diesels---Lemon Skunks----Cheesewrecks X Jackfrost---Blueberry X Bubblegum
Braindamage X Frostwrecks---Trainwrecks X Frostwrecks---Northern Lights X Mazar---approx 50/60 seeds
would you acknowledge receipt of this email and also your seeds
speak soon

hey gene,i just received confirmation that the parcel(RJ***********GB) is at the post office for collection.
wasnt even concerned this time around.thanks for the help and i will talk to you next time!!
many thanks joe -OZ

Hi Gene,
I received the seeds today. Many many thanks for the extras that you threw in. I am actually excited to try the AK-47s. I never grew a dwarf before and am looking forward to it.
If you don't mind. Can you give me some more details/growing tips with the Purple Wrecks and Buku? Mold resistance? Outdoor flowering times in mid-cold weather in Sept here in Canada. Also, how do they react to nutes and topping/pruning. I usually crop my plants for added airflow and more energy into the colas. Anything at all would help.
Many thanks again my friend. You will always be my #1 source for seeds.
Also, is there any chance of getting some A.M.S. from Green House Seeds in stock some day?

Hi, Gene,
Thank you so much! Your the best!!! I got the package today. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again. Thank's again, Jenn AZ

Got it today. Thank you very much. Especially for the bonus. Have a great day.
will let you know how we get on..peace,,Mike CA

Hello Gene,
Thanks for the tracking information and the free AK-47s!! I will send you another email when they arrive. Always a pleasure doing business with you.

Hello Gene,
Your letter arrived today. Thank you very much.
peace, Frank-MI

Hi Gene! I did get your email this time. But I didn't get the first! Sorry for being a bother! Loved the sonogram picture's because I do have a set of twin's! thanks for the free Lemon skunks, Have a great day! Jenn.. HI

Well now i know Gene is short for GENEIOUS ... brilliant mate ... big smile on my dial ///. great service and packing ... i will certainly be back for more...
peace my friend and thankyou
much love'
Neil (fred)

Good morning Gene
You are always much too generous . Thank you very much. I will notify when letter arrives,

thanks gene,
email received.thanks for the help,will let u know they arrive.
cheers joe

Dear Gene,
The goods arrived in good condition.
Thanks for everything!

Hello Gene; I will leave the decision up to you. You have been a great person to do business with & I am pleased to have located you in this jungle of seed-banks,

Hi Gene,
Responding to your "shipped" e-mail. Thankyou very much for the lemon skunk to try that's very kind of you. As always I feel secure dealing with you and would never ever consider doing this with anyone else so thanks again Gene.
I'll let you know when I get them.
Thanks again Gene, I'll be in touch soon.
Kind Regards,

Thanks gene , i have got all in perfect conditions ! See you next time ! Federico... Argentina

Hi Gene,
The seeds arrived this morning. I am very very satisfied with our deal and i would say it around me.
Thank you and see you later for a next deal.
Best regards
Vinny Italy...

Thank you sooo much! i recieved my seeds today and i cant wait to get these babies started. thanks again and ill be back again! PK...

Hi Gene
Fabulous ******** of your ******, really clear. May I wish you all the very best.
Regards, John

Thanks for the excellent service and fast shipping. I would acknowledge receipt of the seeds
Best regards

Hello Gene,
I appreciate the courtesy e-mail and great customer service. I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future. The babies look wonderful.

Hi Guys
I have received the package thankyou and I found them fine I will definatly be ordering more in the near future
take care

Hey Gene! Thanks for the tracking number i cant wait for my Lemon Skunk seeds to arrive! I will message you back uppon their arrival.
I would like to also thank you for your fast shipping and your helpful responses to all my questions. I will definatly be
buying from you again I would say in about oh 4 months lol. Thanks again and best regards! 

i recieved your letter . Everything looks fine . Please let me know as soon as the new feminized super strains arrive !! Otherwise you will certianly be hearing from me in a couple months again ! Thanks again for doing what you do ! rich

Hi Gene,
The little one's arrived today. Stealth is outstanding as per usual so thankyou! As always your customer service is out of this world and as I've said before there is NO WAY would I use any one but you for this sort of thing.
Thanks so much for the freebies too!
I'll be in touch to let you know when I give them a try. Can't wait to see how they go.
Take it easy mate and thanks again!
kind Regards,

Hello Gene,
My packet arrived today. Love the name on the **** Very quick turnaround under 2 weeks from order...fantastic! I also would like to thank you for the extras. I have some already in 'process' but the wife and I are very anxious to get these started.
I will be back to you soon.
Best Regards,

Hi Gene, thats great, thanks for sorting everything out, youve been a pleasure to deal with, i'll let u know once received, thanks KT...:-)

Thank You very much for sending replacements. He appreciates it. You guys are the best!

Hi Gene, i hope that you can still be reached at this email address. well, the grow went well, and my gf and i are quite happy these days with our personal supply. and the stealth shipping method had a nice personal touch to it. thank you very much. we're now interested in trying out some of the other strains available from your seed bank. i'm wondering if i can just send you a list of strains that we're hoping to get and see whether or not they are available in your stock. Is that okay? Or should i go online and first confirm selection and availability before inquiring an order?
with greetings,
hahns...People's Republic of China

hello Gene,
I sent the moner order out yesterday june 30. It sould arrive in about 3 to 6 bussiness days .
Enclosed is my address and a name to ship under.
I like all the work that you have done to the site it looks great ,
also seems that you have added some more breaders !
COOL! GOLDENSEED, My one and only stop for the thing i need !!
thanks again Rich

Hi Gene, its been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you mark..

Hello Gene -
Well again, I was considering adding to my souvenir collection.
Your combo packs are indeed excellent offerings, and the extras you
included in my first purchase are icing on the cake! It appears to
me that you're the one. Onward to my collection. What kind of
regular autos do you have that you could possible create a mini or Totally stoned chap
mega mix for me? thanks and regards // Rick.

Wow! Looking forward to it. I will notify you of receipt.
Thanks so much Gene.

stoned form goldenseed

Everything received perfectly, thank you!  Its been a while since I  last ordered, but fantastic service as usual.  


Hello Gene, I received the seeds today 06/21/2010. They may have been here earlier as I was out of town for a few days. Thank you agian for all of your help. I will be ordering more in the near future. Have a fantastic day Gene!


Awesome, Gene. Thanks again for the great service and attention.
Best regards,

Blueberries and Jack Frost arrived today.
Amazed by the speed of shipment and impressed by the packaging!
Cute babies.
Thanks for the free samples and looking forward to future orders.

Most excellent work Gene.yet another totally stoned person, marijuana seeds supplied by goldenseed
I have received your package and am impressed.
If these genetics are what you say they are,
Then you are THE man indeed.
Thank you and i will surley make you my number one company.
John W..

Got everything very quickly and they look beautiful, Gene!
As a matter of fact, I'd like to order 30 more - I've got the itch to try some more of your strains before I place the big order later this year.
For now:
15 female red diesel
15 female white widow
Please just send the pay request at your convenience and I will pay right away. Please note that I am going to ever so slightly change the shipping address, and stealthy classy shipping is still very important.
Thanks, Stu...goldenseed stoned customers nice

Started my first grow today with seeds from goldenseed. I got lowryder #2 and purple-wreck. First off I highly recommend-o goldenseed, its a small organization and the website it a little hard to navigate but is also full of fun stuff to read. The selection and prices are great although it does lack low end seeds (not really a problem at all). The biggest reason to order is the shipping and support, they'll basically hold your hand every step of the way and the shipping is insane. Definately very stealthy and got mine in 9 days! a big thanks to Gene and the Guys at Goldenseed :-)

Thank you for getting back to me as fast as you did. I would like to place my order. Ill be going to get a money order from the bank on Monday. Would you be able to email me all the info needed to send my payment too? Thank you very much. Oh by the way I have read a lot of what people have had to say about you seed's and your company. Keep up the good work and I look forword to doing more business with you guy's agin.

Thanks agin for your time. Jay USA..

Good morning Gene,
Seeds are at home. Nicely packed at really really fast delivery. Seeds were easy to find.
I will for sure let that know to other ppl on our grow forum.
Sending some photos and i will send more when they will flower so you can add them to your library.
Thank you very much
With kind regards

Recieved the seeds,
Thank you. Nice packaging, very professional, Marco, Brazil

recieved order today will be ordering blue monsters next week. great service as alway's
 thanks, gertrude.

hey there, i received my package and everything was good thanks for the free seeds i will let you know how i make out ..J 

Excellent Packaging -  Happy Easter       Frank

 home cannabis seeds


Good morning, Gene;
I received the package yesterday. Everything looks great (including the babies.Thanks so much for the extras. I appreciate your effort.

Good Afternoon Gene,
Thank you so much for your help, everything was as you said it would be.  In the larger, middle row, (F.W.), there were 30 units.  Are they all F.W.?  I did not know if the extras would be something different or if all 30 units were F.W.  Thanks again, you have been a great help.
Stay ahead,

stoned dad at Goldenseed

i got my second lot of   babies this morning,
 they always come though safely
 thanks so much for the great service
an will be back again always
nina austraila 


Hello Gene - 
The seeds arrived today - many thanks. The stealth is fantastic
and also thanks so much for the extras. The wife and I are anxious
to "get germinating". If the quality of the beans are anything
like the quality of the service, definitely no need to shop
anywhere else. thanks again and best regards, Rick.


gene your the best i'll be ordering more later. from the heart of humboldt thank you!!!!

Thank you, Gene. I received your email and will be looking for the seeds. I’ll let you know as soon as I get them.I appreciate your effort and the extras...Travis

cheers mate,your a champion.i will get a few fem seeds as soon as my finances improve(2 weeks)hehestoned old woman

How u doing?
My babies came yesterday !!
I love the way you send those, really stealth mode and classy style!!i love it!!
Hope i can doing my job now on growing as good as your service !
I was really upset when it comes, cos i didnt find them in the first look, i almost died from heart! Then i look more carefully and find them out!!
One more time, thx for your attention and your pacience with me and my weird english, we ll do more bussines later on, you bet!!
Thx again,


Hey Gene,
I got my seeds yesterday!  Thank you for the discreet shipping and all the extras.  Im gonna get them germinating today.  I should be set on seeds for a while but next time Im in need I will come to u guys.  I've already referred a handful of people to your website.  Once again, thank you and you can expect to hear from me again, in the future.

 I received the seeds directly in my home. Thank you very much. Best for you ! Frederico Argentina

Got my seeds today,complete stonning from Glodenseed
Gene you are the man!
Soo hard to find them in the pack. GENEious!
Shipped here almost too fast. I was not ready for them :)
Thanks And will talk to you in a few months.
A happy Customer

Hi, good afternoon!!
Thx for the quick job and thx one more time for your attention with me and the bonus seed, love to be a new customer... :)
well, if theres is everything ok about this buy, i ll be your custumer for a long time and gonna say to all brazilians guys theres a good way to buy it with the stealth shipp too...
sorry about any problems that i might cause,
A very happy brazilian guy,


Hello again Gene -
I have never received service like this before! You are truly an
excellent businessperson. I may just go ahead and give your
recommendation a try once I receive my first order. I will let you
know when receipt occurs. How much for an order of 10, as well as
an order for 20 of your recommended strain? I may have just the
spot picked out for them. 15 out of 20!!! Maybe I should stop
asking you about order info and ask you about the housing and
employment markets in the UK? LOL. thanks again, Rick.


Hi Gene,
Thank You kindly for the confirmation.  I had a feeling they were the blue monster.   And thank you sooo much for putting them on the blue monster page.  That would mean alot to me.   The blue monster strain is some of the best looking plants I have ever seen, Goldenseed really has the best stuff out there.   IF you are looking for more pictures of the strand, then I can help.   I will send you more as the flowering gets more productive.   Thanks again my friend,  all your time and help has been great.
Yvonne.stoned bird

Just sending this email to let you know the package you sent has arrived without hassle. Just had to sign for it at the post office and that was that. Dealing with you was a real pleasure and you'll defo be hearing from me again in the future. Keep up the great work mate.

Many thanks from Oz,

Hello Gene

I received your package today took me ages to locate them :-) This must be such an exciting time for you both, cant wait to see them. Thanks again for the extras and I look forward to talking to you in the future.

Best Regards..Derrin...NZ....


I´ll recommend this site to all my friends , i hope you will get news frome me in a time..
 Really thank you for your work ! Freddy....Argentina

Hey Gene, received package today ! Everything is as awesome as last time, thank you....I ordered 7 fem. Blue Monsters , but there were nine seeds total. Was this an error on your part, or you just being a great guy ? and are they all the fem B/M ? once again thank you so much. Also , are there any tips you can give me for growing this strain ? likes , dislikes, special needs ect. Until next time my friend. James.

Your the best Gene ! can't wait for shipment.........I will inform you immediately upon arrival. also , are there any tips you can give me to insure a successful grow of this particular strain ? once again , it has been a pleasure. Many thanks , Henry.....

hey gene,
100% strike rate with those NL seeds.i have 1 with 3 X water leaves and 3 X 1st set of leaves!!have you seen this before?
what a freak!!i will send some pics if you like?
cheers  joe

hey gene,just got confirmation that parcel is at postoffice ready to be picked up.another job well done.
your method is bloody awesome anyway.that first mixed bag i got off you is many fat leaved smelly little plants.stems soooo thick and healthy.and so bushy.
now growing at rate of 2 inch day,and the smell is so strong.yum,yum.the mates are jealous as hell.but im a sharing kind of dude,they will get a bit.thanks a billion mate and i will be in contact soon.
cheers joe.

I planted 4 of each ;) & within 3 days I have 2 J.frost and 1 FWxJ.frost. More will pop soon !!
Thank you again for the fresh beans. The bean soup will turn our great this year ! James , New Mexico

Hey gene, 
Just confirming that I received my seeds and three are already germinated after only three days I am overexcited about your service and communication and I would never use anyone else. Thanks a ton.
Sincerely, KB..........


Excellent! So you got the email in time? 
Its going to the texas address! Great ! Yourt the best! Thanks again!

seeds recieved today :) :) :)
very happy, very smart packaging, VERY HAPPY!!
will recommend and use in future for sure

Received the airmail today.  Very excited!  Your service is very communicative and your methods are professional.  At first i was slightly worried if i was going to get my mail but not anymore. I am very pleased and will definitely be coming back for any future orders.  Thanks Dustin.

Gene we received our picture thank you so much fabulous hope to see ya soon Friends jeff

Package recieved, nice packaging.  You da man!   will update pu with results


got my (babys to day )
cant belive it that thy came  though fast shipping and clever packaging
Thank you so much! I will recommend you to my friends
be back again
nina tasmaina

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 home cannabis seeds

Good afternoon Gene
I recieved my shipment today. Delivery was right on time.
The packaging was right on. Thank you!!

Hey Gene,

I got the babies this morning, thanks so much for the great service.
And thanks for the Free Cheesies!
As always, will definitely see me order again.



Received yesterday (11/2) Gene.  Fantastic picture.  All the best and I'm sure we'll be in contact again. Val.......xx

Hi Gene,around 2 months ago I bought some White Widow from you and they
are doing superb, wanna thank you for being an awesome seller :)

Just a couple of questions personally for you (because apparently a
lot of strains still grow different depending on the seller - from
Is there and name for this type of white widow or is just called white widow?

im 26 days in and my plants are around 2 foot still in vegitative
state, how much longer did yours take to grow to the harvest state?
Any secret tips/tricks you've learn that you can give me to help my
plants boost a bit/increase yield?
last question - How much yield am I going to get out of a plant?
Thanks man!! Very satisfied customer :D i've also mentioned that I
bought seeds from you in a few posts :)


Hey Gene, The eagle has landed again. Right now we have lots of young ones and looking forward to the future. Can't wait to see how these baby's grow up. Me and my wife thank you. Talk soon and Cheers : )


Good evening Gene!

I've recived your mail and I'll confirm when the parcel has arrived. I would also like to thank you for the other seeds and your splendid service!

Hello Gene, As always. thanks again. We love doing business with you. Have a great week.


Gene, received package today ! Very clever ! In a world full of con men, rip offs and all around scum bags, it's refreshing to see someone conduct business in such a professional manner. You kept me posted every step of the way , via e-mail, and came across as if the customers happiness were your main priority. Very impressive ! ! ! Thanks again. I'm looking forward to doing business with you again and will recommend only Goldenseed to my friends. once again, thanks , Jimmy.....

You guys are cool as hell...I will definitely be using you again. I will also let you guys know as soon as my seeds get here. Thanks-Terry

Hi Gene,
I have recieved my goods today!!!! very happy so far, love the stelth shipping.
Amy and Paul..OZ...

Eh got the mail ! Thank you very much. You guys seem very professional . It is greatly appreciated.

Got 'em! Thank you so much! I will recommend you to my friend! I
can't wait to try some different strains in the future!
Until my next order,

hey gene
receiverd your package!!!! everything looks very good, thanks for the extra and the cheesewreck, sure to talk more in the future$,
Jimmy...Over the Pond :-)))

     I got my tracking # and shipping info.  I will be sure to send a note on reciept of my package!  Your professionalisim has been fantastic!
Thanks again,

Hello Gene, We have our package and wanted to say thank you for the personal service. Ken T...


Seeds were delivered on Saturday.  Thanks.  Clever packaging man.
 And thanks for the extras!! James...North Carolina...

You are by far the best buysiness man to deal with? Your JackFrost was unbelievable. I cant imagine the work you've put into each species?


Hi Gene,
Astoundingly fast shipping and clever packaging. Gushing praise to follow if all goes as described.


Thanks for the seeds Gene!  I got them on wnesday and they seem to be germinating fine.  Also, thanks for the free 8 frost-wreck seeds.  I will buy from you if I ever need more.  Take care


thank you Gene!  You have very good service, I'm very impressed.  Take Care

Brad ..USA...

Hi, thanks, they got here yesterday and I'm looking forward to see the final outcome, great service, great shipping, I'll be ordering again for sure, Thanks again.

LM ...Canada...


Hi . Just a message to say thankyou for the items . Your service was exceptional . I will deffinatley use again . The kindest of regards , Rich..New Mexico..

everything came as ordered
everything safe rasta 



I got your message, I'll tell you when I receive the "goods." I'm also going to write up a review of your site on when I get the seeds! I'll leave out any details about the how its shipped of course but so far I'm very impressed so you can probably expect another good review to add you your repertoire.
Take care,Max

Got the order today, many thanks for the extras! Brilliant shipping, even knowing what was there I had trouble finding it.
Thanks again,



Hello Gene,
Sorry for E-mailing back only now, I actually received the seeds on Friday.
Confusing packaging, yet very smart. The seeds all look big and colourful.
I'm already quite satisfied. So thank you all the more for the extra FROSTWRECK, looks like a killer! You sure now how to treat costumers, I'll make sure to order again.Till then, all the best.

Thank you so much Gene!
We recieved your package. Your methods of shipping were VERY creative!
Thanks again! Bev..New Jersey..

Hey Gene,

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  I finally picked up the package.  Everything was there, and I figured out which was which by how many there were.  Thanks again for the great product and customer service.  You can expect another order from me shortly. maryjane Portland...


Gene, your new baby looks just like you! I received the '@+=";-- today!! I hope my new babies will come out looking just as healthy!! Thx for the extras. You have the best job in the world bro! Spreading happiness around the globe! Happy trails dude and I will keep ya posted on my new "offspring"! Peace, chris RSA...

Package arrived yesterday sooner than I expected.  I have to say I love your shipping method. Thanks very much for the freebies.  I will let you know how it goes....

Chris USA...

Thank you so very very much, Gene.
 We can't tell you just how appreciative we are!
We will let you know as soon as we get your package...Atleast after the first two hours of jumping around like excited maniacs.
 Peace & Love

Hi Gene, Seeds arrived today. Many thanks for your prompt and courteous service. Kind regards Keith


omg thanks for the discreet packaging,although when my wife opened the letter she asked me who i got up the duff.that.that was the best packaging i have ever are a star!!!!

thanks matt..Canada


Hi Gene,

I got the seeds this morning and I must say that the stealth packaging was ingenious!!!
It would never had raised any suspicions if someone had opened it. Very, very stealthy.
And the subject of the 'letter' was skillfully disarming.

Thanks, nice doing business with you,

gene,gene,the dancing machine,letting you know package arrived royal mail today,thanks and best wishes.


M. Finland

received order today thought i had been robbed packaging is ingenious thanks for the extras will be ordering again less of a worry about customs confiscating.    thanks Gertrude...


Hi Gene
The package arrived yesterday and i am all happy. Thanks for the few extras i think there is about 2 or so extra. No doubt i will be doing more business with you in the future as your services were outstanding and i actually got my stuff. Take it easy brother.
B....New York

I want to just start off by saving I love you.. and I mean that in the straightest possible way. I received my seeds today and i got them much faster than I expected. Great shipping method.. even my girlfriend was like, "Oh, that's nice your friend sent you a picture of his place in the uk." haha.. Once again, thanks for the great service. AMAZING shipping method. All my future business will go through you.
Thanks, William

Ah, my internet doesn't seem to want to work today. This is my 3rd attempt to try and send this confirmation. Thanks for the affirmation of shipment and the tracking number. I haven't even received the order and I am already tremendously happy with your service. Thanks and I will make sure to e-mail again upon arrival of the shipment.

hello have you thought about crossing frostwreck with auto lemon skunk and getting an auto frostwreck? think it would be a great cross. oh by the way the frostwreck is fabulous, I call it a 10 a freaking 10. LOL great stuff.

Thank you very much for the fast turnaround. I will confirm when the package arrives.
Best regards,

Shoo Gene.
Ive got the %@%***** :)

thanks for the great service, will be back again!!!
kind regards

Thats great news really keen for the package. Your services have been very good do appreciate and thank you for all of your help. I will drop you a mail as soon as my package arrives.
Thanks again
Bevan RSA...

Hey guy sorry for resonding so late, i received package on the 30th, but have been covered up at work. Gene i have one quetion (First thank you), are the cheese-wreck female? Again guy, thank you for everything you do, and make it possible for me to enjoy.
C... i gotta tell you that was the best packing job i have ever seen.  I first opened it and it was just that picture and the note and i said damn i just got screwed.  My brother saw the ******** and found the em.  I was so mad at the beginning i was gonna get me a ticket to europe but after i found them i thought that was the best thing i had ever seen.  I really appreciate them and will be getting more from you.  Super fast too.  I got 12 instead of 8 cheers man


Hi Gene ...You are GREAT!!! I can hardly wait!!! THANKS FOR THE FREEBIE-CHEESZIES. If these show up i will order more soon...Later man...ROb..USA...


Thank you for the prompt and outstanding service. The seeds arrived today (thanks for the 7 extras!) and the packaging was clever I had a bit of a laugh. We will be doing business again soon, I promise!

Best regards, Nick T. Boston.



got here a lot faster than i would have thought.
Thanks for everything. lookin forward to doing some more business with you in the future.

Hey Gene,

Just letting you know all the seeds arrived safely and look great! Thank you very much for putting your time and care into my order.


hello gene,
I got my order today, and I could not be happier. shipping was pretty quick on your end of things, but my countries customs department took a while to ship it out. great stealth btw. Today you have earned a lifelong customer. However, could you please not use my name if you put this in your testimonial section.
thanks for everything it was a pleasure doing business with you. John Walters ret:


hello to all my fellow tokers out there i ordered my Lowryder #2 seeds at and kept checking the tracking number and it was always at the same place and thought i was never going to get my seeds and thought i got jacked for $60 but today i got my mail and what do you know i got my seeds in and the guy gave me 5 free feminized white dwarf autoflowering seeds worth $55........the guy has great communication with customers, everytime i emailed him he replyed the next day and the shipping is very very stealth....this being my first time ordering seeds i wasnt so sure about it but everything went well......i placed the order on 12/31/2008 and got my seeds today took 12 days to get to los angeles from the seed bank.............also the great thing is that he accepts *****thats how i paid

so with that being said i just wanted to let people know that this is a legit seed bank with some good strains and prices

also i will be starting my new grow soon with the lowryder seeds, ill post a link to it soon

if you have any question let me know and ill do my best to answer them


Hi Gene,
THANKYOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You made our day when they arrived! Everyone was sceptical.
Anything else you can recomend to ensure the best result would be greatly appreciated.
We grow purely for personal use so its in our interest to get the best possible plant.
Cheers Bree... Australia


Good evening, Gene!
Yesterday I received the goods. Lovely little package! ;)
Looking forward to have business with you again, it has been a pleasure!
Take care!

Hey man, I got them.
Thanks for being patient.
chris *******


"they finally made it. have not opened as I am out of town but sure things are all right. Once again I want to thank you for your time. I really appreaciate your patientence and all your emails will defenity be back.If you want when I get home will write you a referal if you would like. THanks again Quentin"


dude, unbelievable, they arrived today wednesday was that 4 working days ? to say i'm shocked would b an understatement. didn't know about the 36 hour thing, any other tips would b great, i will not 4get u, if i need anything else, thanx heaps mate, u r the man !!!!
JP Australia........


Hello gene, I recieved the "goods" all 12 of them (thanks for the extra.)
and plus, you are a clever man! great way of hiding them hahaha, anyway, thanks for your business.

Thank you Gene...I will put in a good word about your company. Mark.
Thank you....jg

Hi there... was away for the weekend and my frind that was in my apartment had open the packet and thron away all wrapping so had to go through the garbage but after some time we found it and every thing was in order. Will definitive recomend u if some one need's our servic
and big thanks on the extra i got.
// Patrik

Seeds arrived in excellent condition. Very clever packing job, thank you very much! Will definitely plan on doing business with you fine folks again in the future!
'Live long and prosper' Josh... Norway

Hi Gene,
I know what your last instructions were, but you still gave a little scare there for a minute. That was a fine job. Very stealthy. Thanks alot....Peace.....Ray

Hello Gene,
I just received my package with the seeds in it yesterday. They came in good shape and I love the clever way of slipping them in their with a.......... Thanks for your help. I look forward to germinating them soon and hope all goes well.

Good Morning Gene,
The eagle has landed... You and your team are truly amazing - thanks again. Your Friend,
Benjamin. Ireland

Hello Gene, I received my order Friday...thanks again for your prompt response and professional integrity.
I will give you a very good reference and use your company for future projects.
peace, Mark

Hi Gene, I received the 'goods' today.
I couldn't believe how fast it got here.
Stealth packing is also perfect.
It has been great doing business with you.
Atsushi -Japan

Got em.. Ingenious shipping.. The baby is beautiful. :)
Thanks again.. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again in the future.

Please accept my apologies for my previous message. I found the seeds.
Thank you the quantity was generous....Jenny

Receipt confirmed. That was... remarkable and you made me laugh as well :D
Many thanks,

thanx gene
i really appreciate 'stealth details removed' hope you and the mrs. are doing well, look forward to the special day
good to hear from you
everything here is well :-)
talk to you soon

Received the seeds this afternoon. Everything looks great!

Seeds were received today, you can most defiantly expect future orders from me.
My Thanks

Hello Gene,
I have just receivd the "baby" this morning,thanks a lot for the free seeds and the super fast shipping!!
I will surely try some of your other strains in the future!
Take care,

Email received, thank you for the prompt shipping.

"awesome, i am lookin forward to workin with these seeds, so i'll let u know wen i recieve, i'm sure i'll be doing alot more business with you if everything continues as is,

Received Special Shipment Thank you so much everything went perfectly!
Great Experiance

nvm, found the .......... you were talking that is ingenious! I'm sure the seeds will speak for themselves in terms of future business :)

Hey Gene,
been on tour for a while with work.
I did get the seeds, thank you for the honest business ;-)
Also the package was excellent.

Hi I just wanted to verify that the lowryder were in a separate row
from the J.F.(im guessing you hooked me up with some extra J.F.
THANKS!!! i have already recommended you guys)

Hi Gene,
Thanks so much for the 'stealth details removed' . I hope to get to England one day soon to enjoy all that is there.
Thanks again, here's to perfection in an envelope...Cheers!
Best regards,

Got it! Great packaging.
Thanks so much. Hope to do business in the future. :)

Received the goods! Thanks Gene, I appreciate it. Will be doing business with you in the future.
The big W.

I'll let you know once they arrive.
Thanks so much

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