A brief history of cannabis arrests and seizures from around the world, from the blatantly obvious to the downright bizarre, including arrests for cultivation, arrests for possession, arrests for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, Cannabis arrests brought to you on a daily basis, occasionally with a hint of humour.


'cannabis crop has been discovered'
Feb 28th 2006

A Hydroponic cannabis crop has been discovered inside a home that caught fire in Melbourne's west.The crop was discovered after the St Albans house caught fire shortly before 3am today, police said. Senior Constable Michael Henry said the crop appeared to have been recently harvested, leaving just the stalks, and officers were yet to make any arrests, More....


3,400 pot plants, two shot guns, three rifles,
Hope Standard.ca
Feb 27th 2006

Two Coquitlampossible 15 years!! men were arrested last week in connection with the largest marijuana grow Ah shit!!operation ever found in Hope. About 3,400 pot plants, two shot guns, three rifles, a large amount of ammunition and a loaded Beretta 9 mm handgun were confiscated from what is considered the most extensive grow-op in the area’s history. Mounties also seized 212 high powered lights and 58 fans.


'intent to supply and cultivating cannabis'

Feb 26th 2006

A flower growing factory was uncovered in a series of early morning raids by possesssing controlled drugs?police in Rotherham. The raids were carried out at several homes in the East Dene and Eastwood areas and led to a number of arrests and the discovery of hydroponic equipment used to cultivate cannabis. Police say at least six people could face charges including possesssing controlled drugs, intent to supply and cultivating cannabis, Full Intent.....


'11 years' jail and 10 strokes'
Feb 25th 2006

Shah Alam> A labourer from Aceh was sentenced to 11 years' jail and 10 strokes of theJamaluddin Mokhtar rotan by the High Court here Friday for possessing 1,220gm of cannabis two years ago. Jamaluddin Mokhtar, 23, of Kampung Kumba, Aceh, Indonesia, pleaded guilty to committing the offence at a housing project kongsi house in Bandar Utama at about 9am on Aug 17, 2004, Full Pain...


'caught red-handed by police'
Feb 24th 2006

2 teenagersexpelled by the college made £1,000 a day supplying cannabis to students at a Cambridge sixth form college. The youths, aged 17 and 18, were caught red-handed by police who found them dividing a stash of herbal cannabis in their car, weighing it out into portions to sell on to their friends at Long Road Sixth Form College. The pair were expelled by the college after admitting charges of supplying cannabis between October 1 last year and January 24 this year and possession with intent to supply the drug on January 24, the day they were caught, Full Supply....


'jailed for two years for 1000 plants'
Feb 24th 2006

A man has Tinh Phuck Dangbeen jailed for two years after around 1,000 cannabis plants and CS gas were found in his booby-trapped home. Tinh Phuck Dang, 37, of Chatterton Road, Bromley, was sentenced at Bromley Magistrates' Court last Thursday. He was arrested in October last year when cops raided his home after being tipped off about the plants. Officers found all the doors and windows were rigged with live wire running straight to the mains, Full Porridge...


'bag containing 4.66gm of cannabis'
Feb 23rd 2006

Kota Baru> Television personality Wan Intan Edrinaz Wan Mokhtar, also known as Wan Intan Edrinaz Wan MokhtarDynaz, and her two colleagues pleaded not guilty in a magistrate’s court here to possessing cannabis at a hostel last October. Wan Intan Edrinaz, 23, from Selangor, Mohd Husni Abdu Hassan, 31 and Kamarul Annuar Ahmad Juwanda, 24, both from Kuala Lumpur, claimed trial. They were charged with being in possession of a green plastic bag containing 4.66gm of cannabis, Full Haul....


'if he isn’t, then there will be charges'
Amanda Arthur
Feb 23rd 2006

Longmont >fended off would-be marijuana burglars A Longmont man and friends fended off would-be marijuana burglars using a short sword and stereo speakers, police said Tuesday. According to Longmont police Cmdr. Craig Earhart, seven people forced their way into an apartment on the 1900 block of Warren Avenue around midnight, looking for marijuana. The apartment resident told police he uses marijuana for medicinal purposes, and Earhart said police are making sure the man is registered with the state to do so. “If he isn’t, then there will be charges,” he said, More Charges......


'have put a dent in drug supply!!!
Feb 22nd 2006

Police say they have put a dent in drug supply across south-east South Australia with theunder police investigation discovery of 180 cannabis plants in the Canunda National Park. The plants were part of two major cannabis crops that were burned yesterday near Millicent. The alleged owners of the crops are still under police investigation. South-east police Superintendent Mark Fairney says Canunda has a history, Full Dent....


'and saw trees growing in there'
Megan Reynolds
Feb 21st 2006

A landladycouple from Vietnam? found cannabis plants growing in every room of her house. Her tenants of two years wrecked the three-bedroom terrace house in Cherrydown Avenue, Chingford. It will cost her between £5,000 and £10,000 to repair. When the landlady needed to visit the house to measure the windows for double glazing to be fitted, they negotiated over the phone for several months trying to agree on a date to meet at the property She said: "There was a small crack in one of the windows and my son looked in and saw trees growing in there. We went in and saw they had set up an irrigation system, light and heating equipment." Full Grow.....


'a routine traffic stop'
Feb 20th 2006

A routine traffic stop Thursday night led to a drug bust by the Dallas County Sheriff's Department, an official said. Deputy Eric Ronaldson stopped a vehicle in Delmont, and discoveredDeputy Dwayne Wright Lowndes County had a warrant for the driver on drug charges, according to Assistant Chief Deputy Dwayne Wright. James Stuckey 4790 Rampion Way Sun Valley NV 89433 28, was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute, Wright said. "He had more than 800 grams of marijuana," he said, adding that Stuckey also had cash and scales.Stuckey is being held in the Dallas County Jail and officials have requested a probation hold. The suspect had "just been put on probation in Dallas County for unlawful possession last week," Wright said. A hearing will be held in circuit court next week on the probation violation.


'2800 cannabis plants, 628kg of dried cannabis'
Tory Shepherd
Feb 20th 2006

State Failed attempts to combat bikie gangsGovernment attempts to combat bikie gangs in SA have been "ineffective", almost half of the respondents to an Advertiser survey have said. Of the 3000 respondents to the State of Justice survey, only 11 per cent thought the Government's efforts were "excessive". However, one-third of respondents believed the Government's stance was "justified". More than 2800 cannabis plants, 628kg of dried cannabis, 4.15kg of amphetamines, 8897 tabs of ecstasy, 107 litres of fantasy, 309 firearms and vehicles worth $2.81 million have been seized through the operation, Full Ineffectiveness...


Controlled Drug and Substances Act
Feb 19th 2006

On 15 February 2006 Police executed a Controlled Drug and Substances Act SearchJoy Arnold, ah shit, Warrant at a residence in the Town of Harriston. They found a quantity of dried marijuana, cannabis resin and drug paraphernalia. The drugs seized have an estimated value of $760.00. Nineteen year Joy Arnold of 57 King Street South, Harriston faces charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance, Full Substance.......


'smoking cannabis is public view should be arrested'
Feb 18th 2006

Cannabis has recently been reclassified from a Class B to a Class C drug. This does not mean that is has been legalised and the possession of Cannabis remains a criminal offence. In Cannabis remains a criminal offenceaccordance with national guidelines, adults may receive up to two warnings in a 12 month period, with their Cannabis being confiscated. However, officers exercise discretion as to when arrests should take place. The new guidelines do not apply to young people (under 17) who will be arrested and processed as is the current practice. Also anyone smoking Cannabis is public view should be arrested. Full Details...


'cannabis worth loads of money'
Gemma Fraser
Feb 17th 2006

Cannabisloads of money worth up to loads of money has been seized by police in Whitehaven after a routine stop search resulted in one of west Cumbria’s biggest drug hauls.Police found the cannabis resin after stopping a car on the A595 at Mirehouse on Tuesday morning.The driver and passenger both fled from police, but handed themselves in yesterday afternoon. Sixteen nine-ounce bars of resin were, Full Tale....


Corrupt Cops Story
Feb 17th 2006

In Montgomery,Donny Young Alabama, a Montgomery police officer and his twin brother were Danny Youngarrested during a drug raid in the southeast part of town over the weekend, the Associated Press reported. Officer Donny Young, 25, and his twin, Danny, were charged with felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute after police seized "a sizeable amount" of the weed in their apartment. Department spokesman declined to elaborate, saying an investigation was ongoing. The twins were being held at the Montgomery County Jail on bonds of $100,000 each. More Corruption....


'designer drugs'
Deborah Diaz
Feb 17th 2006

Fashion designer Jason Crawford has been charged with 51 counts of receiving stolendesigner Jason Crawford property worth more than $600,000. They are in addition to drug cultivation charges that Crawford, 35, was arrested on in November after police in Auckland uncovered a hydroponic cannabis growing setup in an Onehunga warehouse. After his arrest, Full Design...


'surveil-lance-led Operation Limpet'
Maheesha Kottegoda
Feb 16th 2006

The biggest netted seven suspectsdrugs bust the town has seen for five years has netted seven suspects - one of whom was arrested while leaving prison. Seven men in their 20s appeared before Crawley magistrates following a three-month sting which climaxed in arrests last Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The intelligence and surveil-lance-led Operation Limpet, Full Sting...



'eight well developed cannabis plants'
Feb 15th 2006

Copper Coast police seized eight well developed cannabis plants last week following well developed cannabis planta search of local premises. An NYP male was subsequently reported for cultivation of cannabis, possession of cannabis and equipment. Also another NYP man was reported for possession of cannabis and equipment and cultivation of cannabis and equipment and cultivation of cannabis.



'six pounds of marijuana'
Feb 14th 2006

A Beloite Anthony Hardmanman was arrested on several drug related charges after a search warrant was executed at his residence. Anthony Hardman, 26, was arrested for possession with intent to deliver marijuana, no drug tax stamp, maintaining a drug trafficking place and possession of drug paraphernalia. Beloite Police Capt. Ed Tiller said the department's drug and gang unit along with members of the Stateline Area Narcotics Team served the search warrant Friday morning in the 1800 block of Moor Street.More than six pounds of marijuana was recovered.


'do not approach him'

News 2020.com
Feb 13th 2006

Rapid City>A felony warrant has been issued for Louis C. LaCaniere charging him withLouis C. LaCaniere failure to appear for an arraignment for possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana. LaCaniere stands 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs about 250 pounds. He is 59 years old, has hazel eyes, gray hair, a large build and fair complexion. LaCaniere is believed to be in or around the Rapid City area. Authorities ask that if you see him or know where he is, do not approach him.



'jailed for seven years'
Olwen Dudgeon
Feb 11th 2006

Police Geoffrey Paul McMillan-Smithsmashed one of the biggest drugs operations ever found in the North of England when they raided premises in Lincolnshire capable of growing and harvesting skunk cannabis valued at more than £1m a year. Officers from North Yorkshire police seized hundreds of cannabis plants in outbuildings set up with special ventilation, heating, lighting and watering equipment, Full Porridge...


'Richard Calrisian' Gone to seed?
Feb 11th 2005

According to Marc Emery, on the evening of January 30, 2006, "Richard Calrisian" (an alleged pseudonym) was contacted by his web service providers in Vancouver. As the owner of Overgrow.com, Cannabisworld.com, Heaven's Stairway Seed Company, and Eurohemp.com, Calrisian was informed of a police investigation and gave his provider permission to shut down the websites. Shortly thereafter, the servers were confiscated by police. On the morning of Tuesday, January 31, Montreal police arrested Calrisian and his family, as well as some employees. It is believed that Calrisian is being held at Riviere-des-Prairie (RDP) jail in Montreal, and his wife in is Tanguay jail, although this information has not been verified.



'sophisticated growing system'
Feb 9th 2006

Police who raided a Birmingham terraced house found two bedrooms crammed full of popeye doylecannabis plants linked to a sophisticated growing system, the city's Crown Court heard. Officers recovered 123 plants with a potential cannabis yield of up to £36,000. Chong Lo (47) of Burbury Street, Lozells, who admitted being concerned in the production, Full System....


'charged with producing a class C drug'
Sylvia Arkwright
Feb 9th 2006

A pensioner jail sentence for class C ? get real... is facing a possible jail sentence after police found a "cannabis factory" in his home, a court was told today.Leslie Williams, 73, built a greenhouse in the back bedroom of his house in Runcorn, Cheshire. The widower, a former Merchant Navy seaman, also installed "sophisticated" heating, Full Production....


''smoking cannabis at a school disco'
Feb 8th 2006

5 students have been expelled from a top Cambridgeshire school after pupils were caughtschool disco smoking cannabis at a school disco. The teenagers were excluded for bringing drugs into The King's School Ely, while three more who admitted smoking cannabis on school premises have been suspended. A probe into drug use at the oldest independent school in East Anglia began after a fight broke out between two boys at a disco on Thursday, Full Suspension...



'smashed by helicopter police'
Feb 7th 2006

A 'high tech' thermal imaging camerascannabis factory holding more than 1,000 plants has been smashed by helicopter police using thermal imaging cameras. Officers seized six 'Eco-Pods'- large drum shaped self-containing machines that give plants the heat, water and artificial light they need to grow faster. Each pod was full of about 100 plants. The three-bedroom house in Watson Street, Deptford, More Smashing...



'sniffer dogs were called in'
David Brown
Feb 6th 2006

A 'wrapper' from pop band So Solid Crew has been nabbed smoking cannabis in his prison'strange smell man' cell. Guards pounced on Dwayne Vincent - known as Megaman - after smelling the drug on a routine patrol. A source said: "An officer smelt it as he walked past Vincent's cell. He immediately suspected Vincent was smoking it. Sniffer dogs were called in and a small amount of cannabis was found in his cell, Full Wrap....



'police can keep 'drugs' cash found at fatal car wreck'
Feb 5th 2006

Courtdrugs 'find' hears of £18,000 link to cannabis factory in Nottingham. Drugs cash found in a car involved in a fatal smash on the M1 near Brogborough can be kept by Bedfordshire Police, a court ruled on Thursday.Vietnamese nationals Loc Van Nguyen, 30, and Quoc Cuong Tran, 34, died when the car they were travelling in hit the central crash barrier between junctions 12 and 13 southbound on September 17 last year. Detectives from the Economic Crime Unit carried out an investigation after finding £18,000 and cannabis-growing gear beside the wreckage, Full Acquisition....


'blow her head clean off'
Feb 4th 2006

A judge has refused to accept a middle-aged woman's claims that she needed to grow cannabis'harry' to ease her back pain.
Judge Shani Barnes was unimpressed by Margaret Ebden hobbling around court grimacing in agony - and told her she had enough drugs to "blow her head clean off".Huge amounts of cannabis were found in the 50-year-old's house, garden and potting shed at St Benet's Grove, St Helier, Full Back Pain....


'intercepted a suspicious package'
Feb 4th 2006

A jury on Friday convicted Patrick Dillon, 68, and Sue Dillon, 77, both of Kneeland,oh dear of cultivating marijuana, possessing marijuana for sale and maintaining a building for the purpose of manufacturing or storing a controlled substance. Judge W. Bruce Watson presided over the case. The investigation began in May 2003 when federal postal inspectors in Chicago intercepted a suspicious package that had been mailed from Arcata. After a search warrant was obtained, officers opened it and found four pounds of marijuana, More Suspicion....


'given to local Aborigines,who ate it'

February 3rd 2006

West Austrailian police arrested the driver of a car that had just killed a two meter salt water crocodile on suspicion of cannabis possession. The two-metre saltwater crocodile in Australia died after leaping out of a roadside culvert and slamming into the side of a passing car.The dead crocodile had been given to local Aborigines, who ate it, said Garry Lindner, crocodile management officer at the Kakadu National Park in northern Australia. "It was probably startled and it just leaped in the wrong direction once it heard the vehicle coming," Lindner said. John Reefer of no fixed abode will appear in Goolagong magistrate court on the 23rd of February



Allison Durbin has pleaded guilty
February 3rd 2006

Melbourne> Former Australian pop star Allison Durbin has pleaded guilty in Melbourne to growing and possessing marijuana.Durbin pleaded innocent Wednesday to a charge of trafficking marijuana and put off her plea on a count of electricity theft, the Melbourne Herald-Sun reported Thursday. Durbin was ordered to return for her next hearing March 30 and released on her own recognizance.



'significant quantity of marijuana'
February 3rd 2006

Vernon RCMP have seized a large quantity of marijuana after a small pot-laden plane marijuana findlanded in an open field in full view of a housing subdivision. Cpl. Henry Proce says residents called 911 on Wednesday after they saw bales being unloaded from the aircraft. Some of the pot went into a pickup truck and some was hidden in some nearby bushes.
The plane took off before police arrived, but the pickup truck was found stuck in a marshy area, Full Find...


'police and air force operation'
February 2nd 2006


A 'joint' police and air force operation has made a major drug bust in the Southern Lakes district. A three-day air swoop has netted a conservative estimate of $850,000 worth of cannabis. Detective Sergeant Neil Lowden of Dunedin says the bust is the result of intelligence on commercial dealers.Numerous plantations were targeted. Police have not made any arrests yet, but they have intelligence on the cultivators. It follows another drug bust near Alexandra yesterday, in which 22 one-metre cannabis plants were discovered growing on the banks of the Manuherikia River.



"a fist sized lump of cannabis bush"
February 2nd 2006

More than 70 undercover officers descended on Macclesfield for a series of dramatic 'hang everone'drug and stolen property busts in "Operation League". Nine arrests were made throughout the night last Thursday and potentially illegal "substances" and goods were seized for testing during the daring raid."Operation League" kicked into action after cops worked closely with the residents of the Moss Estate to finger local drug retailers and suspected criminals, More Lumps.....


'rehabilitate outside prison'
February 1st 2006

Two brothers'freedom' have been given a chance to further their education after pleading guilty to possession of illicit drugs. The siblings, an 18-year-old and a 15-year-old, were caught red-handed with four kilograms of dried leaves believed to be marijuana.Magistrate Syed Mukhtar Shah, when sentencing the boys, said most people would think the sentence was too lenient "but for the interest of the young offenders it's important to allow them to rehabilitate outside prison." Full Rehabilitation...